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MV Jets Company

Why Choose a
MV Jets Charter?

About Us

MV Jets is a private aviation company focused on distinguished and discerning clientele accustomed to flying privately. Providing air charter service with our aircraft, we provide you with peace of mind for your private booking, in-flight service, and airplane maintenance requirements.


Safety makes all the difference. That’s why all our flights are conducted by Taughannock Aviation Corp., a Part 135 Air Carrier that operates and exercises full operational control over all our flights, which provides MV Jets with a Flight and Maintenance crew with more than 20 years of expertise to keep you safe in the air. The team has trained in the best flight and maintenance facilities in the nation achieving the highest recognition and certification in the industry, ARGUS Platinum.

Meet The Team

Gustavo Ott (PIC)

Professional pilot with a large trajectory within corporative aviation, extended experience piloting Bombardier Challenger 601, 604, 605 and Lear jets.

During more than 28 years of experience, I’ve managed and gained experience not only in domestic aviation but also internationally, always having as first priority a high level of commitment in excellence and safety. During the years of working as pilot, no accidents or incidents have been reported with any of the equipment under my responsibility.
High standard on safety, continuous training and excellence are key elements for a successful operation, minimizing the risks and offering an excellent service to the passengers.

It’s not only about flying, it’s about providing a safe and comfortable flying experience to the customers.

Erik M Camacho (PIC)

Professional, reliable and safety oriented pilot, with years of experience in the corporate aviation industry, charter flights and as a flight instructor. He has a proven record of successful flights, achieving exceptional standards of excellence.

Highly skilled in different aircrafts, piloting Sabreliners, Learjets and Challengers. His experience has given him the ability to recognize needs, exercise sound judgment and implement effective strategies in unexpected situations. Erik possesses great communication skills and enjoys working as part of a team. Throughout his career, he has learned to adapt easily to changing environments. He possesses a substantial understanding of flight safety and operational standards.

His passion is to continuously meet the needs of diverse clients, while providing an outstanding passenger experience.

William G Marquez (SIC)

Passionate and Professional, team oriented and safety driven pilot that has worked in multiple fields in aviation. With a professional experience in a wide range of aircrafts, William has always maintained the highest level of safety, professionalism and client satisfaction one can provide. During his exciting career in aviation, no accidents or incidents have been reported all while keeping the highest standards and staying current on all new and recurrent training required for all FAA domestic and international flights regulations.

Throughout his time in aviation a strong, adaptive, inclusive and cooperative communication as well as a challenging and diverse training environment has been the key to his successful professional career.

Flying it’s a passion we all share and love. It is a personal commitment to not only get the client, family and friends to their desired destination, but also about the need to provide the experience every client deserves, while keeping the safety and security of the flight and mitigating all possible risks involved.

*The aircraft crew members for the aircraft are provided by the Taughannock Aviation Corporation via an agency agreement.